A false start

Before getting ready for surgery Mr Walsh wanted one more xray.

It showed the bone was not quite joined up yet so we can’t take the frame off yet.

I am disappointed.

Mum says the worst thing would be to take it off too early and have my leg break or bend.

They have loosened the nuts so that there is a bit more jiggle so the bone grows faster.

We are going to have a special breakfast to cheer me up.


  1. Oh poohs… But Mum is right about not wanting it to break or bend…it’s only a little bit longer to wait and you’ve done so well so far



  2. Still a wonderful day because you know Mr Walsh is a very diligent doctor and he will make sure you get the best result Izzy😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💕💕💕🐞🐞
    Love pip

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  3. It makes complete sense that you’re disappointed Izzy. I agree with the others above, and with your Mum. Not the message you wanted but the right message. Thrilled that Mr Walsh is so proactive and careful with your well being. Where did you go for breakfast? What did you have? Sending those bones strengthening thoughts! Take a few deep breathes and realise that you’ve got this chick… patience is a virtue you are well and truly versed in! Love, Your Mc-Macs, xxxxxx



  4. Excellent idea Bridgette – let’s all get our collective heads together and keep sending Izzy BONE STRENGTHENING THOUGHTS!!! Such a brave young lady – and so nearly nearly there, Izzy. Vasbyt! as Nanna might say xxx



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