Hard work at physio

Since I last updated my blog we have been doing lots of hard work at physio to get my knee moving and reduce the swelling.  My physio is called Briar.  She is always excited to see me and is really nice.

I have gone to physio once or twice every week and I am supposed to do exercises every day, three times a day.  I cannot always do them all every day because we were very busy before Christmas and in the first month after lengthening everything was really stretched and the exercises were really hard.

Mum has been creating charts to record when I do my exercises to help motivate me.  When I get to a certain number each week, I get a reward.  At the moment I am working towards a mini TY beanie toy for doing 80% of my exercises.

I also have some exercises to do in the pool.  For every three times I do my pool exercises I get an LOL Surprise doll.  Going in the pool is hard because it is cold and makes my muscles shiver when I get out.  This hurts my pin sites.

The exercises I have to do work my ankle, knee and hip – all of the joints in my leg.  I have to do 30 repetitions of each.  The exercises are:

  • Squishing my knee as straight as I can and holding it for 3 seconds.
  • Bending my knee as far as I can against a small push.
  • Using a theraband to make my ankle pull or push in all four directions.
  • Doing ballet kicks backwards and sideways to work my hip.

I am also supposed to be walking as much as possible.  Two weeks ago Mum confiscated one of my crutches because I wasn’t putting any weight through my left leg.  I was very upset but it has been okay.


  1. Hmmmmmm. Sound like the hardest kind of Physio, boring and tedious with no instant reward or gratification. Good on Philippa for the reward charts 🎈🎈🎈. Keep going hard as you can Izzy, you doing so well, as much or probably so much better than anyone else could achieve. Tons of positive thoughts to the whole family and especially to you 💕💕💕💕



  2. Hello Izzy,
    I am so pleased to hear from you and read your blog.
    Doing all the exercises after major surgery is hard, I know first hand from doing it myself.
    It is worth it though, so please keep trying. 😀
    I am making myself do ten thousand steps a day, around 5 Kms walking a day, 6 days a week.
    I really enjoyed seeing you at Christmas Day dinner, it was such a lovely day. 😀
    I am sure your mum is doing what is best for your recovery, although it may seem hard at the time.
    You have done so well Izzy.
    I am really looking forward to the day when you go back to the specialist and get the brace off!!.😀😀
    Love pip
    Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum in law.😀😀

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  3. Hi Izzy, So happy to hear how well you are doing at physio, you truly are a star! I hope you are having a good time with family and friends and look forward to seeing you soon.
    Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses, Nana and Amber xxx
    Sent from my iPad



  4. Oh Izzy, you sound like you are working so hard!! I had a wee chuckle reading your post as it sounds like Mum is working hard too – finding the right carrots and the right sticks to help you be motivated to use your body the way the Physio and doctors want you to. You two are a dynamite team! I winced when I read about you getting cold when you finish swimming and how sore that must be. It must be hard getting into the water and enjoying being buoyant, when you know you need to get out and get a bit cold before you get warm again. Every hurdle makes you stronger chick – in so many ways!
    How far are you walking when you’re walking ‘as much as possible’? May be I should drag my 4 rascals out of the house and walk to meet you half way from your place? Is that too far? We could have a nice lunch as a reward or go to the library?? I want to say TEN points for all your hard work but ten doesn’t seem like nearly enough. One hundred doesn’t sound like enough either … how many zero’s do you think we’re talking? Have you planned your celebration for when the brace comes off?
    My kids are trying to convince us to get a tent with a voucher they were given for Christmas. If they are successful, maybe you can come and have a sleepover in the tent when you feel up to it. It’d be lovely on one of these balmy Summer nights.
    Lovely to get an update and hear more of your journey. You are, as ever, amazing.
    Hugs and giggles,
    B + the crazies, xxxxxx



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