Guest Post – Mr Matthew (age 5)

It’s been a bit tiring for me while Izzy’s brace has been on because I feel like there’s a lot for me to do.  I have had to give Izzy a lot of stuff because she’s always asking for it because she can’t do it herself.

When Izzy was in hospital is was sort of calm but it was quite lonely.  I missed her.  I was worried about her.

I feel quite sad when I hear her moaning and groaning.  When she does the sore things I usually move to another room.  I love her so much that every time after pin cleaning and lengthening I come in and give her a hug.


  1. Dear Mr Matthew,
    I met you up at The Sussman residence at Pakiri. You were visiting with your grandparents and great grandmother, the first time we met, and then we met again at Richard and Jess’s wedding. I am Richard’s mum.
    I have learnt something new today about blogs, you can have a guest post!.

    Matthew what a wonderful supportive brother you are for Izzy. I am very interested in how you feel about Izzy’s leg lengthening process, as you are part of Izzy’s life.
    I can imagine that when Izzy moans and groans it must be hard for you to listen to because you love her, and you want her not to have that pain. The good news is, soon all that pain will be gone, and you can say, I have helped Izzy get there!.

    I hope Izzy’s doctors and physios understand just how important you are also.
    Your support for Izzy is very important indeed, and you should be proud of all your efforts.
    Well done!.

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  2. Matthew you are a gem. It must be hard listening to Izzy push her body to help it grow. It’s so nice to hear you are supporting her and helping to get things for her, I know she likes to be so independent, so it must make life easier for her knowing you are there and keen to help. I hope you two are still giggling as you do! Nice to hear things from your perspective young sir. Always a pleasure to read how you and your remarkable family are making the most of life’s rollercoaster. Love, The Mc-Macs, xxxxxx



  3. How very nice to read your thoughts and feelings about Izzy’s painful leg lengthening process. For Iz to know she can rely on you as a helper and and hugger is pretty wonderful and a powerful part of her coping. I am very happy to see such a loving supportive family in action and I am sending you a very special hug to give you some warm fuzzy feelings. Please also give Isabel one from me too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️



  4. Matthew, you are certainly one outstanding brother! All the love and hugs are just as important as all the medical stuff to help Isabel get strong.



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