QnA Catch Up

It’s been about a month since our last post so going to play catch up with Mum’s QnA for Izzy.  If you’ve got questions, fire away!

1. What was going back to school like?

Some of it was very hard because there are a lot of steps, but I am managing to get to all of my classes.  It’s really hard to get to Art and Music because they have the most steps.  I go very slowly and I have helper who stays behind me when I go up, and in front of me when I go down.  My helper also carries my cushion.  I need a cushion because it hurts to sit on hard objects like plastic chairs because the frame goes all around my leg.

In the last week of term, we had Creative Arts Night where each class does a production over a range of curriculum areas; arts, music, speech, sport and English.  My classes’ production was Golidlocks and the Three Bears from Revolting Rhymes.  I played the High Judge and got to send Bad Goldilocks to jail!  Because of Health & Safety reasons, I was not allowed on stage, so I stood at the corner below the stage during the act.

Being back at school and having three late nights for the performance made me quite tired.

2. What have you been doing in the school holidays?

In the school holidays I have been to the planetarium, the Emoji Movie, the Captain Underpants movie, a theater show of Horrible Histories, Woah Studios, and to visit my grandparents.

3. How have you been feeling?

It is the last weeks of lengthening so I have been feeling very tired and very sore.  Sometimes I just really want to lie in bed and go to sleep but because I am sore I cannot go to sleep.  To help me relax, we have been playing calming music on Spotify during the night.  I have also been having lots of paracetamol and ibruprofen.

4. How has physio been going?

Physio has been very sore.  My nerves are all hurting because they are getting stretched and stretched.  My skin feels funny because it is also stretched and it tingles when we lengthen.  This makes doing my exercise painful.  Mr Walsh has said that if my leg feels too sore we are not to lengthen that day because I have to be able to do my exercises to keep my leg strong.  We had to skip one day of lengthening but I have been doing my exercises every day so that we can keep going for the last week.  We have two more days of lengthening to go.

5. How are the pins?

They are much better.  The antibiotics killed the germs.  Taking the antibiotics was very hard.  I had to chew them with an M&M most of the time, but when we were almost finished I learnt how to swallow them.  The best news is that I have been able to shower for the past two weeks so we don’t have any more pin cleaning.  I have also been able to swim in the pool.  It was a bit funny the first time and getting in and out was tricky, but it felt good to finally be in the water.

20171008_125559 (1)


  1. You are an absolute champion Izzy, what a huge mountain to climb, and you are nearly there!. I love water also, clean water!.
    Water and music, a great recipe to help you relax.
    I hope Mr. Walsh and his team of medical specialists are very proud of all your efforts, what a great team!.
    After your part in the play, do you think you might like to become a High Court judge!!??.
    Love to Mum and co, also.
    ps… see you at Christmas time, we have been invited up to your family Christmas!! Now I am thinking about what you and Matthew would like as a special treat!?.



  2. Thanks for the update Izzy. I’m glad you have been able to get back to school, the pool and the shower. Progress!!! I can’t imagine how nice that first showe must have felt. Lots of love Jess 💕❤️💕❤️



  3. Wow Izzy – I remember meeting you when you had just been born. You are one strong girl – well, one strong person really as I think any adult would find what you are doing pretty challenging. Keep on being the strong girl you are – and love reading about what’s happening to you as it’s only going to make your life even better!



  4. What a champ you are Iz, as always. You are one tough little girl. I miss you a lot Izzy, just like I miss your brother, your parents and the entire whanau. I wish I was in Auckland to witness how amazing you’re doing and how positive and strong you are, but also to support you through tough times.
    You are such an inspiration Iz, keep up the good work!
    Lots of love,



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