Update from Mum

Hi all, an update from me as there are some things that Izzy has said she doesn’t want to write about (but people are asking and interested.)

She is doing extremely well with her mobility and the antibiotics have cleared up the pin site infection although pin cleaning is still pretty traumatic for and results in yelps and tears. It’s lucky I have years of experience inflicting pain (thanks gymnastics coaching) so can for the most part, block it out while I get the job done.

It’s hard to believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the lengthening part of the journey. We’ve wound the struts 8mm so far, which equates to about 10mm in length gains as the struts are on an angle rather than parallel with the bone. Thankfully this part of things doesn’t seem to be causing her any issues (yet.)

The main concern is that her tight hamstring and Achilles tendon will affect progress so she is at physio weekly and has a list of exercises that she needs to do a few times a day. There are a lot of objections to this as it’s hard and sore, but my inner task master is coming to the fore and she’s doing well. The extreme determination has its downsides as when she believes she can’t do something, it’s like banging your head against a brick wall to convince her that she can.  Bribery is our go-to trick at the moment.

The big news that I’m sure she will want to write about tonight is that she is back at school today (hooray!)  Under strict instructions to have a rest if she needs it, or call to come home if she’s super tired or sore, but I suspect the excitement of being back will get her through today at least!

Thanks for all your comments. She loves reading them and knowing there are so many people rooting for her.  🙂

(Izzy’s Mum)


  1. Hi Izzy’s Mum, what a team!. Keeping the ball alive as the ALL BLACKS do!.
    Your blog could be so valuable over time.
    Every day is a new day, and maybe sometimes it is ok to rest, and what you can not do one day, you may well find you can do the next day Izzy.
    You can do it all, it is just a matter of when. timing!.
    You are not a robot, so you be kind to yourself!!.

    Have you thought about eating something you really like while you do an exercise that is painful. It might help.
    Others do things like saying a word that is a bit ………, although i dont encourage swearing and your mum might get very cross with me for suggesting it, but maybe saying something your not allowed to say like,
    bum bum bum, will make you laugh when you have to do exercises that are painful!.
    I hope mum doesnt tell me off now!!.
    lots of love and keep smiling Izzy – and Mum.
    Richard’s mum.



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