Pin Problems

Today I went to Starship because I had a pin infection.  It’s when my pin site gets red and swells up and the hole gets bigger instead of smaller.  It feels really sore when I move.

Mr Walsh came to look at my leg to check on everything.  He also showed another doctor visiting from the United States.  Mr Walsh was glad that it wasn’t a bad infection but said that I need to take antibiotics to kill the germs nibbling at my skin, just in case.

The nurse cleaned my pins again for the second time today while I played Subway Surf on the iPad.

Afterwards, I went to Mum’s work so that she could finish some things.  I read The Mysterious Benedict Society and did a unit from a homework book that Mum bought me. It was about the Olympics.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is about four children who are selected through a special test and have to go to an institute to try to stop Mr Curtain, the baddie, from brain-sweeping people’s memories.  I like it because it’s a nerve wracking adventure story.

The worst part of taking antibiotics is that it is my first time having to swallow pills.  I really don’t like it.


  1. Dear Izzy
    I hope your infection clears up quickly, and I am very pleased that Mr Walsh and his colleague from the United States took good care of you.
    Such a big job recovering well!.
    I am now in Capetown, South Africa, with Richard and Oliver!. I am going to a conference called The Global Evidence Summit – all about trusted evidence based healthcare!. The theme is called improving lives.
    I am here as a consumer on a stipend, and i volunteer my time to do peer reviews for the clinical breast cancer trials for Cochrane based out of the university of Sydney.
    Mr Walsh will know about Cochrane.

    It has been a very big trip for me and Richard and Oliver have been the most amazing sons and my chaperones, and Jess phones us to check everything is going well.
    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been, and so i was delighted when Richard got my computer set up at the hotel, so i could check in.
    I hope that infection disappears this week.
    You are such a brave determined and positive person Izzy, you are doing so well.
    Love for now,

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  2. Argh! What a nuisance that your leg has gone and got an infection. That sounds frustrating. I’m so glad you have that great support team around you to identify the infection and get it looked at so quickly.
    I shared your update with the girls and we are all thrilled that you are enjoying the Mysterious Benedict Society. We love it and are reading the second one now. It’s a bit of a nailbiter isn’t it?!
    Swallowing tablets can be a bit yuck. You are flexing your bodies boundaries – in so many ways! – as you take on this challenge. If I were you, I would be negotiating ‘after tablet’ options to cleanse the palate … maybe the Mc-Macs can help out in that department ;-).
    I drove past your place yesterday and realised it’s been a whole week since we last visited! I couldn’t stop yesterday as I was already cutting it fine to collect Bea. We’ll see if we can pop round this weekend sometime.
    Loving your updates and bravo you! You are my example of what grit, courage and ‘looking on the bright side’ is, which is all pretty darned AMAZING! You must have pretty cool parents and a jolly supportive brother 😉 See you soon chick.



  3. Well damn and darn it! An infection in your pins 😒. Robert and I are holding thumbs it clears up rapidly. I reckon you teaching the doctors lots as they monitor the progress on your leg. Isabel the teacher ❤️. When I was looking which kindle books to send you I saw the Mysterious Benedict society series have 4 books! Excellent news when you find a storyline gripping. I sent your 4 books to myself twice before finally getting the sequence correct. Now I have it down pat though so no reason to run out of reading material! Hugs for Matthew and your super duper parents. Xxx



  4. Bad luck on the infection, but great that you can get it cleared up. Swallowing tablets is not much fun but I know you will get it sorted. If you are looking for any more good books I can highly recommend The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Totally gripping. Also remember that Mrs Monk would be very happy to send some library books from school if you run out. I hope you are keeping your brain busy while your body is resting and healing.



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