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A week after my operation I went back to the hospital for a check up.  They started my lengthening and I went to see the physio.

Lengthening involves turning screws on my frame to a certain point each day.  Mr Walsh, did the first day, then Mum did the second day.  On the third day I have a rest.  Each day we wind, we wind 1mm on the screw, this lengthens the frame by about 1.5mm because the screws are on a diagonal; the hypotenuse stuff that Mum tried to explain.  Mr Walsh gave Mum a sheet with a progamme on it.  There are six screws to wind.

At the physio we did some leg exercises.  There are two exercises.  One of them I have to squeeze my knee down, the other I have to point and flex my foot to touch Mum’s hand with my toes.  I do each one of these ten time for three lots.  They feel super duper sore on my pins and I do not like doing them.  I have to do them to keep my leg strong and stretch my muscles that are tight.

Getting in and out of the car is very hard.  It sometimes hurts me.   There are lots of steps:

  1. Mum gets me out of the house on my crutches.
  2. Mum gets the seat ready by putting a cushion on it.
  3. Mum lifts me into the car on a diagonal with my leg on the seat beside me.
  4. Mum puts the wheelchair into the boot.

It can take 20 minutes to leave the house, but Mum is managing okay.  I’m looking forward to my friend Amelia’s birthday party on Sunday and I’m excited that I can go.

This is a picture of the frame.  You can see the screws going diagonally between the rings and the pins going into my leg.  The foam is to stop the frame from hurting my other leg.  we have taken it off because it was not comfortable.





  1. WOW! Izzy and Mum, you have a full time job making sure you recover with quality input!.
    As you have written Izzy, a lot of work and time.
    To do anything well Izzy, takes time, thought, and doing it!.
    You and mum by the sounds of it make an excellent team.
    As you can see, your school work could be a project on the medical operation and quality recovery of my leg lengthening process!.
    I hope you ask Mr Walsh to be part of it. He might have some good diagrams, and computer links for you.
    You write so well Izzy, I am really enjoying reading your blog, and I await for the next one to see what has happened.
    Quality recovery is a full time job Izzy, and such a big part of your operation.
    You have a lot to do every day .
    Maybe you could ask your school if you could make a video or a book or even with mum design a program for the school to help their pupils when at home doing “QUALITY RECOVERY” , ensure they focus on what is important at the time.
    Your life – now,
    1. living with your brace and doing all your physio and your blog!.
    2. Being kind to your body, no rush Izzy!!.
    Thank-you so much for educating me on this procedure and your life living it.
    You are a champion, made to succeed!.
    Mum is co-champion, made to endure and persist!.
    Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum-in-law

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  2. I have just read your blog to Richard’s Nana because she wanted to know how you are, and she said to say, you are doing so well”, and “thank-you for telling us all about it. Richard’s nana-Marcia sends her love.

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  3. You are a bit like a princess at the moment with lots of servants! I know you would rather be running around with your friends though. Your mum sounds wonderfully patient. It is so interesting reading your updates. The girls here are all excited to see you at Amelia’s party.



  4. Wow Izzy – such a trooper and what a wonderful way to keep us all up to date!!! You really are a legend and sound like you are being a great patient. Take care Izzy and can’t wait to read your next update



  5. That’s awesome progress Izzy. Up and about one week after your operation! Well done to you and your Mum. Enjoy the party. Xx



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