My biggest cheerleader – Matthew

Thank you to my brother who has been kind and supportive.  He was very upset when he saw my brace and he has been very worried about me.

Since I got home he has been very kind to me.  He has been trying to help as much as he can, by delivering things that I might need.

Sometimes he is not exactly helpful because he does something that he thinks is helpful but it’s not, like moving my wheelchair to a difficult spot.

I know he has been trying his best and I am very glad that he is trying to help me.


  1. What an awesome brother you have Izzy, even if he doesn’t always get it right you can see he is trying and that he wants to help. Not all sisters have such a brother. Lucky you. And lucky Matthew that you recognize his efforts and thoughtfulness. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon. Bxx



  2. Matthew loves you very much Izzy, and the best cheerleader you will ever have!. Now is the time for you to talk a-lot, and help each-other through your leg lengthening operation recovery. All the emotions that will come out, laughing, crying, happy, sad, frustration, tiredness grumpy, medication emotion, what else can you think of!!?.
    What about Pumpkin, pets are very knowing you know, i wonder what he or she thinks!?.
    I was thinking, do you have a friend or friends at school that you can link up with in class time and you do your school work at home and they are your links at school on the computer?. can you link up with your class teacher and do your school work at home but be on their computer screen so you can say hi at lunchtime and break times!?.
    Then you can be assured of quality recovery time, and stay at home for a few more weeks/ no rush Izzy, no rush at all, take your time to heal well!.
    Love Pip



  3. I also have a brother called Matthew 🙂 Your brother sounds like a great friend to have around. Remember to check the OLE page and see what we have been up to in CE.



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