Settling in

Coming home was difficult.  Some of the passage way was not wide enough for the wheelchair and it was challenging to move around, but I have adapted to it.

Mum had to move some of my stuff around and she also had to move toys out of my room.  We had to change the way I sleep so that Mum could lift me from the right side.

For most of the day I sit in my wheelchair and read.  Sometimes my back gets sore and I have to lie in my bed.  I am glad that I still have my friends visiting me even though I’m home because sometimes it gets a bit boring.  I have also played board games and done some crafts.

The hardest part is getting to the bathroom but we are managing.

Mum has had to cut some of my clothes and tie ribbons on my left hip so that I can get them over the frame.

Today Mum wants me to start doing some schoolwork.  I really miss school because I miss my friends.  I’m hoping to be back next week if I can move around without help.


  1. Hello Izzy – you have really made fast progress! I am sure you will be back to school in no time at all. I hope you are soon feeling more comfortable and in the meantime make the most of the time and read lots of books!! Take care – lots of love from Diane & Graham xxx



  2. You sure are the bravest girl I know Izzy! I’m glad that you are feeling okay, sending lots of love from Sweden. I miss you and Matthew a lot!!
    Xx Pauline



  3. Dear Izzy, your bedroom looks such a wonderful space to be in. Yes, having to change your living environment for your wheelchair, and your brace, finding news ways of doing things, must be challenging and maybe fun??!!. You sound as if you trying very hard indeed to make the best of every day, good on you.

    Izzy, you write so well, it makes me want to read your next blog!.
    Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get back to school, you can always do your school work at home and your friends can visit you.
    You need to give yourself the best possible chance to heal without any risk of injury!.
    You are doing amazingly well.
    love pip
    Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum-in-law

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  4. Hi Izzy

    Steve and I are in Paris at the moment and we are thinking of you. You will be a hero when you go back to school! Everyone will want to wizz you around.

    Keep smiling. Lots of love xxx



  5. Hi Izzy, Richard and I are reading your blog from Sydney and we are so proud of you. I wish we could visit but this is a nice way for us to check in and see how you are doing. Big hugs and lots of love ❤️ Jess and Richard xxx



  6. Dear Isabel,
    4MC and I have enjoyed reading about your journey. You will be back in no time buzzing around the classroom. We are missing our judge in rehearsals!!
    We are all missing you very much. Hope to see you very soon, Love Mrs C and the girls xx



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