Loved by lots

Thank you to all of the people who gave me gifts.  I have enjoyed each present and they will help distract me when Mum is doing the pin cleaning or I am bored.

The Sussman family gave me bag of little gifts for ‘horrible things’.  I open one whenever something horrible happens.  The most horrible thing is getting my pins cleaned.

When I saw EROAD and ASB’s gift baskets, I was really surprised.  The colours of the bows made me feel happy.

I have also had lots of visitors.  They have kept me company in hospital and now at home.  It’s nice to know that there are lots of people who care about me.  Thank you to everyone who has visited me and helped look after my family.



  1. Dear Izzy,
    Thank-you so much for sharing your personal journey, your leg lengthening operation and recovery. The pins, this sounds like a painful process that has to be done. Do you try deep breathing yoga exercises, with music, you love to listen to, when mum is having to do this for with you?. Thinking lovely thoughts may help you through the physical pain. Physical pain is also tiring and what a wonderful idea your friend reading to you. Ice-creams! great medicine!!.
    Mum is doing a wonderful job, how lucky you are to have each-other, please give her a big hug from me!.
    Also a hug each for your Dad and Matthew and pumpkin!.
    Love pip
    Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum-in-law



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