Getting up

Yesterday the physio came to see me.  She said that she wanted to try me on the walker to get around.  I was excited to get out of the bed.

When the walker came in and it was time to get off the bed, my leg hurt.  When we managed to get me onto the walker, I started.  I walked all the way out of the room and along to the bathroom.  Then I walked back.

When Mum tried to put me back on the bed it hurt.

Later, the occupational therapist came in with two different wheelchairs.  She took some measurements.  When she came back she had some pieces of foam to make the wheelchair fit me.

When Mum moved me onto the wheelchair it hurt.   I had more foam put under my foot to make it comfortable.  I sat in the chair for about 10 minutes, but I felt tired so I asked Mum to put me back in bed.  I watched Netflix for the rest of the afternoon.

Later that night I had another go on the walker.  It didn’t hurt as much.

It was nice to get out of bed.



  1. You are a champion Izzy!. What a big day, and a lot of hard work, just after a big operation!. I hope you had a restful sleep, to gather enough energy for your next day of recovery. I am pleased you listen to your body, and rest when your body is tired. I am learning from you every day. A shining star sticker from me today!. Keep smiling. Love Pip. (Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum-in-law)



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