Groggy and grumpy

On Wednesday, 30th of August I went to Starship Children’s Hospital for an operation.

First I had to get changed into a hospital gown.  Then I got wheeled into the operating room.  I had bubblegum flavoured gas to put me to sleep.

When I woke up I was tired and grumpy.  I got an ice block but only had the first lick.  I gave Dad the rest and had a sleep.  I slept for quite a while, waking up in-between.

In the afternoon I watched Netflix on the iPad until I went to sleep at 7:00pm.  I got woken up at 8:00pm, 12:00am and 4:00am so that they could check my blood pressure.

There are screws going into my leg and a big brace around it.  It hurts.  I have a button that I can press if I am sore.  It send medicine into the lure in my hand and down to my leg.

When I am ready, I will have a try on crutches.  Once I can move around, I will be going home.

On Wednesday next week we will start turning the screws.


  1. Wonderful to hear from you Izzy. I am so interested in your blog as I have no idea about this operation and the process of recovery. Love pip(Richard’s mum and Jess’s mum-in-law).



  2. I love your blog! It is interesting hearing about how your operation will help you. I am sorry that you are having a lot of pain, it is no fun being in hospital and sore.



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